5 Easy Techniques for Caring for Suarwood Furniture


The use of trembesi wood as a furniture product is usually for interior functions or semi-indoors. The different characteristics of wood are things that must be understood before buying furniture products. In this case, if you buy a product made from suarwood then you must have found out that its use is indoors or indoors. If indoor or semi-indoor furniture is used outdoors, it is certainly not suitable and has an impact on the faster shrinkage of the function of the furniture, or becomes less durable. The impact that will occur on furniture is that it is susceptible to fungus, termites, powder and even cracks or cracks. Here are 5 Easy Techniques for Caring for Suarwood Furniture

1-Clean the surface of the furniture from dust

Glossy furniture does not mean it has been spared from the dust that sticks. If you have bought furniture, then you should be willing to care for and maintain it so that it remains beautiful, functional and attractive. The first step that you can do regularly is to clean it from dust, you can wipe it or use a vacuum cleaner..

2-Keep away from direct sunlight

As explained above, because flare wood is intended as indoor and semi-indoor furniture, it is very risky if it is placed in an open place exposed to direct sunlight. The effect of being exposed to direct sunlight is that furniture is not spared from weather changes, namely overheating and rain. If that’s the case, gradually the furniture will crack and even rot.

3-Avoid direct contact of hot food/drinks on furniture surfaces

Especially for dining table furniture, of course its function is to put food and drinks. Well, to avoid damage to furniture, it’s a good idea to coat the food holder with a cloth or mat so that the heat from the food is not exposed directly to the table surface. The heat from the pan or plates that hit the table surface can cause the table top to condense which then affects the color of the furniture

4-Dry the furniture from damp or wet temperatures

If the table is exposed to water or coffee spills, immediately dry the table surface so that water does not seep into the table layer, the temperature of the finished furniture will always change even when the production process has gone through the drying process or the dry kiln. That is the reason why you should keep the temperature of the furniture as dry as possible.

5-Spray or coat the furniture with polish

Even though you have gone through the fumigation process before the furniture arrives at your house, after cleaning the furniture from dust, it would be nice to spray or coat the furniture with polish liquid to keep the furnishing color beautiful and well-maintained.

Those are 5 simple techniques for caring for furniture made of suarwood, do it regularly so that the furniture remains durable, beautiful and beautiful to look at. After all, buying sounds always easier than maintaining, so it takes effort and patience to still get beautiful furniture like new condition when buying.


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