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Apa itu Kayu Suar?

Kayu suar is an Indonesian Variant of Albizia Saman, a tree native to South America. It was introduced to the region in the mid-19th century by the Portuguese colonizers as a plantation tree to absorb water. Since Indonesia is the country with the largest archipelagos in the whole world, this naturally fast growing tree of suarwood, has spread throughout the region, and generally used for slab furniture.

This is an important article about suarwood. However, if you intend to buy wooden slab furniture from Indonesia, you should know, an area in Indonesia which is known as the City of Carving, which has now turned into the City of Carving World. Namely the district of Jepara. After improving the image of Jepara ?The World Carving Center?, because Jepara carving and furniture products are already very well known from various countries. The US Is Japan’s Largest Export Destination Country.

Since the 19th century, Jepara has been widely known as a leading area that produces furniture and carvings in Indonesia, as evidenced by the appreciation from several circles who claim Jepara as an integrated area for furniture and carvings. In Jepara, the activities of making furniture and carvings have become an ingrained part of culture, art, economy, social and politics, making it difficult to separate them from their early history.

Many from various countries come to Indonesia, especially in the Jepara area to look for furniture and carving products from suarwood , teak, mahogany or other types of wood, we always pay close attention to the quality of our products from the moisture content of the wood, product construction and design that always up to date without reducing the quality of the product in the slightest


Mayasa gallery has the largest solid wood / Suar Wood gallery in Indonesia featuring a variety of exquisitely crafted and premium quality bespoke furniture.Suar Wood Table strives to provide an extraordinary art and experience through artisanal and unconventional furniture. Large selection of solid wood slabs for selection and display. Featuring our range of artistically crafted solid wood designer furniture as well as solid suarwood tables.

One of our specialties includes real solid wood furniture and flare wood tables. Which maintains the look and feel of organic and natural solid wood. We are also pioneers in bringing unique furniture to our customers. With over 17 years of experience in woodworking, our team of experts takes pride in creating artisan and quality furniture.


What Proper Kiln Drying Looks Like?

There are two main methods of drying wood. The first is to leave the wood in a dry place for more than a year to allow the moisture to escape naturally.

The second involves putting the wood in a heated Kiln to speed up drying


Some say that the sheet is very thick, definitely not dry. Yes, depending on how thick it is?

The standard thickness of our suarwood is

Thickness: 15cm-25cm For the length of the wood slab flare 500 cm-700 cm, and the drying process is by leaving it in a dry place for at least 1 year

Thickness: 6cm-10cm For Wood Slab Suar Length 150cm-400cm, And the drying process is by kiln,

With the development of the times we use a special tool to measure the moisture content in the wood, which must be below 17% water content

And for our finishing process there are several types of special finishing for suar wood


I hope this is an informative article. If, like most consumers, you are concerned about potential problems with wood furniture, we highly recommend that you check out our Suar wood Indonesia slabs. At Mayasa Gallery, we want to be a part of your furnishing journey. So if you have any questions about wood slabs, stop by our showroom and chat with us!

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