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Hello smart readers, here I will explain to you how to order furniture at Mayasa Gallery with the aim of making it easier for you. Happy reading

  1. Visit our website marketplace, to see our product catalog, or you can come directly to the offline store mayasa gallery at the address: Jl. Shima No.63, Mulyoharjo II, Mulyoharjo, Kec. Jepara, Jepara Regency, Central Java 59431
  2. Contact the admin and consult the furniture needs you want to buy, “Here you can also customize the product according to the design you want” and don’t forget to also specify the size of the product
  3. You will be made a quotation containing several choices of furniture that you want to buy
  4. After you receive the quotation we sent, choose the fixed product you want to buy
  5. Admin will make INVOICE
  6. Next, you must pay a down payment or payment in full, according to the amount stated in the invoice
  7. Send proof of transfer to admin so that the next process can be continued
  8. After the proof of tf transfer has been received by Admin, it is also proof of the incoming PO according to the date of payment. We will process the packing (if the goods are ready on display) or the work on furniture products can be started
  9. After the work process in the estimated time is complete, and before the packing process and the goods are ready to be sent, we will first confirm to you, to make sure the product is in accordance with what you ordered
  10. The product will be sent with cargo in a knock down condition and takes approximately 3-7 days of travel. Or you can also pick it up yourself or send a cargo team of your own choice to pick up goods from us
  11. Shipping costs are borne by the buyer, and the amount of shipping costs is as determined by the cargo party

Note :

  • We provide a warranty for 1 year of use from the date of receipt of the product into the hands of the buyer, by showing the purchase invoice and proof of defects or product damage due to production factors. If it is more than 1 year, then the warranty is no longer valid
  • Shipping costs are borne by the buyer, except for orders via the marketplace where there is a double charge, the first is the postage fee for documents, the second is the postage fee for product delivery
  • If the goods are finished and have not been shipped, then the storage time in our warehouse is no more than 6 months. If it exceeds this time, we have the right to sell your finished goods or products to other buyers, and as a replacement the previous buyer (aka the owner of the goods or products that have not been picked up) must wait for the production process for the new goods


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