Quality is our priority.

Mayasa Gallery really realize about the importance of quality. The main thing in doing this business is keeping the good quality. It become our commitment to organize this company, therefore, many customers be satisfied and trust to us.

Our product is export quality.

To keep the good quality, we do some efforts in choosing the wood, drying the wood, giving insecticide and fungicide, doing the production process, applying the finishing, and keeping the package.

1. Choosing the Wood

We make wood selection team to choose the good Suar Wood log.The log that will be cut to be some slabs. Having the expert of choosing and managing the wood is very great to handle all of the products that will be made.

2. Recording and Capturing

Every single slabs has their unique shape and beauty grain. To avoid the missing data, we write down size of each slabs on top surface.Then, capture it one by one slab to record the data of available wood. So, we are able to provide you by pictures not just the data of size.

3. Drying the Wood

WMayasa Gallery make relationship to the professional kiln dry factory. We rent the rooms to dry the wood, each room able to contain about 300 pcs slabs wood.We keep it for about one month and control it regularly. No just received the report of the factory, we place our team to check the moist, the themperature and the wood condition directly. We can monitor it and switch off the room after reach 10% of the moisture content.

4. Giving insecticide and fungicide

Good treatment is the key of the good quality Suar Wood. After got dried wood, the next step is applying fungicide and insecticide. Our formulation in today?s treatment not apart of customer feedback. We mix it and apply it in all sides of the slabs.

5. Doing the production process

The right man in the right place, based on this statement we plot our employee on their ability. We have many kinds of products, so we place them in their expert. We use professional tools and professional man to touch up the slabs for you.

6. Applying the finishing

Mayasa Gallery always make innovation. We have some kinds of finishing. The customer can freely to choose them.  Before the finishing process, we smooth the products with sandpaper.  We choose the best brand of sand paper, not only sand paper,  but also the equipment to process it, we always choose the best things we can.

7.Keeping package

The paper/ package to pack the products always based on the delivery place and kind of products.  It is also based on the customer want. Savety is needed here to keep our quality.