Product Customized

Have a distinct impression in making furniture according to your heart’s desire, here you can not only choose the latest products that already exist but you can also order furniture products according to what you want, for example requests for furniture shapes, motifs, colors, and also sizes to fit your room .
In your mind, you must be wondering, what kind of products can we make? There are many types of furniture products, right? that’s a good question. Now for the products that we are able to produce besides dining tables and wood slabs, we also make all kinds of home furniture such as chests from recycled boats and teak wood, clothes and shoes racks combined with iron, home decorations such as glass frames and bookcases, panels walls made of railway and teak wood, accessories from flare and teak wood, meeting table combined with glass and iron, bar table with tree root legs, console, and many more products that we produce.